This week saw some new milestones passed in a venerable organization. Pressed by the need to replace retiring officers and add new Board Members, the nominating committee decided on the personal approach. Practically every call they made received a positive response, ensuring a bright, energetic future for a valuable organization. Check it out at nfws.org. It’s one of the most useful and vibrant artist societies around.

I finally hooked up with the right access to the Container Store and have ordered 40 2 oz bottles that will be about $2 each. Probably won’t arrive for Monday but should have them by the 19th. We’ll still be working on our theme of Spring and I hope your juices are flowing. Let’s see some inspiration.

March and Lions

This winter is again showing its capricious nature with March winds up to 70 mph today. There should be small people warnings up. Walking is hazardous. Wonder how running is going. My peeps, Joe, Kim, Joe II and Isabel, are doing the Shamrock Run today. Hope the wind is at their backs, as they say in the old Irish prayer. And let’s hope that March continues in orderly fashion and goes out like a lamb.

Frey LA Garden 2012 Photos

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Finally! Gardening in February! In California! Here is the embryonic Frey succulent garden that we will turn into a veritable  eden of succulents. Already we’ve gone from three wee plants to twelve wee plants.

We’ve also added some rocks along the drip line. This will be worth following, even though I will be following it from New York.

The Getty

Fulfilled a long-held desire to see the Getty Museum today. As a painter, I was anxious to see the collections. As a gardener, I wanted some ideas to crib for Marg and Mark’s garden. As a museum professional with serious envy of big endowments, I was hoping to spot some one small flaw in their execution of a purpose-built museum.
Well, on the first two desires, I was more than pleased, especially with the paintings on display that followed the evolution from impressionism to modernism. Fine examples on display. The gardens were breathtaking, with formal and informal settings tucked into the mountain top, complementing the magnificent structures, eco-sensitive with native and drought resistant plants, enviable arrays of color and texture, and an appealing mix of species grouped unexpectedly.
On the third expectation, I got no satisfaction. The Getty never misses a beat. Their display spaces enhance the art and use natural light without endangering the collection. Their introductory video is appealing and loaded with info. The outdoor spaces are comfortable, sparkling clean, and afford magnificent views. Their volunteers and docents are helpful and knowledgeable. The family space is imaginative and pleases all ages from littlest visitors to their adult escorts — and creates a space and atmosphere where children can linger and enjoy an art-stimulated activity. And, oh yeah, the shops. Nice. One specifically for children where I could have spent oodles of money on myself.

I’m off to sunny California tomorrow but will have both my cell and computer with me so if you need to get in touch, I’m available. There will be a party for Sarah’s third birthday on Sunday, including a bouncy castle. Hmmm.

Next session classes are Feb. 27, Mar. 5, 12, 26, April 2, 9, 16 (skipping Mar 19). This will be 7 sessions for $100 (same as usual cost of 6) or individual classes for $20.

The opening assignment is to design a theme-piece on spring. We’ll take at least two, possibly three classes on this. Conceive of Spring in any way you choose (and any kind of spring). Create resources using drawings, photos, collage as the base of your work. Come to class ready to do some serious thinking/painting.